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What to Avoid During Healing

What to Avoid During Healing

  • Avoid getting the skincare you normally use on the brow area. Many products are too harsh for healing brows, and certain ingredients accelerate PMU fading.

  • No makeup in the brow area for at least 14 days. It can cause irritation or infection.

  • Don’t touch your brows.

  • Don’t pick the scabs.

  • Don’t sleep on your face.

  • Avoid activities that cause excessive sweating.

  • Avoid long showers, saunas and swimming.

  • Avoid sun exposure and tanning.

  • Avoid facial treatments until the area is completely healed.

Microblading scabbing is the most uncomfortable stage of the healing process.

Eyebrows are a very prominent feature of a person’s face. That’s why microblading is so popular. It’s a treatment after which you have impeccable brows for months, even years.

However, your brows won’t look great immediately after the microblading treatment.

They have to go through the healing period, which lasts 4-6 weeks. Your brows will go through several stages and the most frustrating one is definitely scabbing.

How Long Does the Scabbing Process Last?

The microblading scabbing stage starts approximately 3-4 days after the treatment.

It lasts around 7 days, and it should end by day 12 or so.

Scabbing is definitely the least attractive part of the microblading healing process, so you should plan your microblading appointment carefully. You don’t want to attend an important event with your eyebrows flaking off. Besides that, you are strictly forbidden from wearing makeup at the beginning stages of the healing period.

Therefore, schedule your microblading appointment at least a month before any important event, or, for better results, two or three months, so you have time to get the mandatory touch up.


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